I've been pretty sick for 10 years. I have had no autoimmune system to fight off disease. I have a Orbital Pseudo Tumor, Ostia arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Girds, 3 Tia’s, Discoid Lupus, Restless leg syndrome, IBS, Bakers cyst right knee, Sarcoidosis, and Hypothyroid. I have been on major medications and pain pills. I’ve had Chemo, and lost my hair twice! 3 Specialists said my hair loss could not be reversed due to scar tissue. I had to get 20 injections once a month in my scalp to try to get my Lupus in remission and my hair to grow back. It did not work. 

How my life has changed: 

I started taking the Herbalife weight management products, lost 154 lbs and have been able to maintain even while still using prescribed steroids....... By using Herbalifeline, our omega 3 product for heart and brain health, my memory is better than ever. My PAIN has been successfully managed to the extent that I no longer use VICODIN OR MORPHINE. Due to other Herbalife targeted products, I have more energy now than I have had in a long time!!! I was able to get off of my IBS medicine and many others. I am down 17 prescriptions. I went from 9 specialists down to 3!!! Now, my specialists are letting me go 6 months in between visits instead of every single month. SINCE I’VE BEEN TAKING HERBALIFE, I HAVE NEW HAIR GROWTH!!!! Yeah, Cell Activator!!!! I’ve even had 6 haircuts!!! Best of all, I’m in remission in all of my long term illnesses! YES, I SAID…IN REMISSION!!